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Our Therapists

Eleanor Scott

Do you feel stuck or tired of the same issues and being unable to move past them? My goal - to help create a positive, practical, and lasting change. Together, we work toward learning and practicing coping skills, improving communication, and developing a keener awareness and understanding of yourself and others. It's a collaborative process for setting goals and evaluating progress as we go along. I dedicate myself to understanding, guiding, and supporting you to achieve your goals and enjoy your life. I have a warm and respectful manner, and center therapy upon my intuitive connection with my clients. I invite you to call me for an appointment. I offer an initial phone consultation without charge, so we can decide together if I can be of help to you. Home visits are available (certain restrictions apply), please feel free to call me if you have questions. Office hours vary - morning, afternoon and evening appointments available.

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Amanda Mousalam, LMFT

I’ve always been drawn to understanding and helping people. I use a client-centered approach to counseling – I trust that the client already has everything within themselves to make lasting change. My role is to guide them towards health and well-being. I believe that mental health and physical health are intrinsically connected, and I encourage clients to examine the ways that their physical health is impacting their mental functioning. I assist clients with increasing coping skills, communication skills, and awareness of self and others. If I had to name a specialty it would have to be a focus on the child – both actual children and the inner child of adults. I believe in giving voice to the voiceless: I want to honor children, as I feel they are sacred, and I also want to honor the adult’s inner child that too often has been silenced or overlooked. I am passionate about helping clients reclaim their sense of self, creativity, worth, gifts, and truth. I love working with parents and families to reduce conflict, and increase communication and peace within the parent child relationship.

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